Replacement pool liners for your above ground swimming pool

One of the most important parts of an above ground swimming pool is the pool liner itself. If the pool liner looks good, it's likely the pool will too. A good quality, durable liner is a great investment, and for a liner to last in Australian conditions, it must be made for Australian conditions. Whether it is your first liner in a brand new pool, or a replacement liner for an existing pool, make sure the liner you select is made using:
  • Extra UV (ultra violet) stablisers to resist fade and sun damage
  • Heavy duty, virgin PVC
  • Patterns that are compatible with all major brands of pool
If you have an oval or round, flat-bottom above ground swimming pool, in a standard size, and expect value for money in a pool liner, you will be very pleased with our products. We also have a small range of toys and accessories - pool liner repair kits, coping strips (fixing strips), foot baths and more.