Adding a deep end to an above ground pool

One of the most common questions asked when replacing a liner in a an above ground pools is “can I add a deep end to my pool?” Most of the time unless you have a circular (round) or keyhole shaped pool, the answer is no. Unless you installed the pool yourself, you probably don’t realise your oval shaped pool has braces or straps that run across from one side of the pool to the other above 50mm under the sand on the floor. The straps or braces are used to hold the pool in an oval shape, they hold the side walls closer together. If they were not fitted, the pool would soon turn into a round shape as soon the water was added, due to the water weight and pressure.

To fit a deep end to an existing flat floor pool, the pool floor has to be carefully excavated and should be done following a plan from the original manufacturer. If you have the original instructions and your pool is not oval, kidney or teardrop shaped, then you can likely add a deep end to your existing pool.

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