Why does my pool turn green when it rains?

After several years in drought, mother nature seems to have taken much of Australia to the other extreme! Many parts of the country are experiencing incredible amounts of rainfall – I think we had 100mm here in parts of  Brisbane just yesterday! Add to that the gorgeous Qld sunshine and 30 degree heat, and I […]

Adding a deep end to an above ground pool

One of the most common questions asked when replacing a liner in a an above ground pools is “can I add a deep end to my pool?” Most of the time unless you have a circular (round) or keyhole shaped pool, the answer is no. Unless you installed the pool yourself, you probably don’t realise […]

How much does it cost to install a pool liner

People often ask the question “What is the cost to install a liner in my Above Ground Pool?” The first answer to this open question is, who do you want to install the liner in your pool? If you are happy to install the liner yourself, then the cost is very little as mostly you […]

Is it possible to patch a pool liner when the water is still in it?

If it’s just a tiny hole, you might want to try our quick and easy ‘Peel & Patch’ repair kit.   However, if your leak is more substantial, you will have to patch it properly.  It’s always best to patch a liner when the pool surface is clean and dry, however, draining and ‘dry repairing’ your […]