Who is Home and Outdoor Products and why am I being redirected to their website?

Homeandoutdoor.com.au is our parent site. We recently combined this site, and our other specialist sites back to our main site. This was done for ease of order processing at our end. It also gives you easy access to a wider range of products.

Do you make custom sized pool liners?

No, we do not. We only offer the liners listed on the site.

Do you sell deep end liners?

No, at this stage we only have flat bottom (flat base) liners.  If we get a lot of demand for a certain size with a deep end, we may introduce some, but at the moment, there are just the flat bottoms. No deep ends.

My pool is only 1.2m deep, will your 1.37m deep liners fit my pool?

Yes, our pool liners are multi-fit and designed to suit as many pool brands as possible.  This means our pool liners will fit pools up to 1.37m deep.  If your pool is not that deep, it simply means there will be extra overhang of the pool wall, which can be trimmed down neatly once your pool is filled.

You have the size liner that I want, but I prefer a different colour. Do you have other colours?

All colour options are shown at the product level. If it’s not listed as an option, it’s not an option.

Can you recommend an installer?

Our liners are sold as DIY, and come with step-by-step instructions to assist you to do so.  Should you require an installation service, you may choose to source someone online or contact your local pool store.

Do you deliver Australia wide?

Yes we do. If your home is serviced by a freight company or Australia Post, we can ship your new liner to you.  There may be minor delays in peak periods (such as Christmas), or if you live in a particularly remote area but, generally speaking, most items are delivered within 6 business days of shipping.

Do your liners have a warranty?

Yes, all our liners are backed by a manufacturer’s  warranty.  Splasher liners have a 12 month pro-rata warranty, and the heavy duty 50 gauge liners have a 5 year pro-rata warranty.

Who is ‘Swimming Pool Liners’ ? The’Swimming Pool Liners’ website is operated by Home and Outdoor Products Pty Ltd.  We are a registered business, Australian owned and operated, and based in Brisbane, Queensland. Once you add products to your shopping cart,you will be redirected to our parent site, www.homeandoutdoor.com.au