How much does it cost to install a pool liner

People often ask the question “What is the cost to install a liner in my Above Ground Pool?” The first answer to this open question is, who do you want to install the liner in your pool? If you are happy to install the liner yourself, then the cost is very little as mostly you just need is your own time and some help from family and friends.  If you want to have a professional install your above ground pool liner, then you need to consider the time of year as the prices generally drop during winter and go back up in Summer.

Lets talk about doing it yourself first. One of the things you need to do is plan the installation. Most good brand liners have installation instructions, if you have already purchased your swimming pool liner, you should double check the size of your pool  and check it matches the size listed on the liner box. You must have the correct size liner, no exceptions and you should check the size of the pool before opening the box. Then open the box and remove the installation instructions and read them. I know we don’t like to read instructions until after the event, but best read them now to help you plan. If you have the original installation manual from your pool, this is a good reference as well. Skip to the liner installation section and read on from there. Do up a check list of the things you need to do, these will include removing the skimmer plate and gasket, the pool return fittings and gaskets, the top coping sections, the liner flat coping strips and the liner. The cost amounts to any new parts you need, any extra sand for the floor and so it is not much at all.

For professional installation of your above ground pool liner, you need to decide if you want to do part of the job, or you want the profession  liner installer to do it all. It is difficult to quote a price over the phone and so you should gather as much information as possible and even take a few digital photos of your pool to get a price. Look for the brand of the pool, check the exact size, check if the pool has a deep end, get out the original instructions if you have them and confirm exactly what needs to be done to the installer.

You can do things yourself like measure the exact size of the pool, remove the water and the old liner from the pool and  re-work the sand floor. Once you have decided what you can do and have all the details about your pool, contact an installer and give them all the information so they can give you an estimate for the price. They will give you a base price and then advise there may be extras like replacement parts. Sometimes there is a section of the pool that has rusted and needs replacing before a new liner can be installed. They wont know what is needed until they get started in most cases. As a rough rule of thumb, the cost to have a liner fitted to an above ground pool starts at around $400 and can go up to over $2000 depending on the pool size, if it has a deep end and what exactly needs to be done.

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