How to patch a hole in an above ground pool liner

Patching a hole in your pool liner is going to be much easier if the pool is empty. However, it is not always practical to empty your swimming pool! If it is just a small leak, you’ll love the ‘Peel & Patch‘ strips we’ve got.

If you have a more major problem, and it is convenient to drain your pool, here’s what you do. Before you start though, it is important to remember that you need to start and finish the job very quickly – you must not leave your pool to sit without water in it for more than a couple of days. To avoid risking damage to your liner, its best to try and complete the job within the same day.

1. Drain your pool, and make sure the area that needs patching is clean and dry.  Prepare the surface of the patch and the area of the liner which is going to receive the patch – do this by cleaning with metholated spirits or  other suitable PVC cleaning solvent. If you don’t have a patch from when the liner was first installed, you should be able to purchase one from your pool shop. (And hopefully you did this BEFORE emptying your pool!).

2. The patch should be trimmed with rounded corners then roughened SLIGHTLY with some “wet & dry” abrasive cloth to give the adhesive something to bond to.

3. Clean and roughen the surface area of the liner to be patched as well. Be careful not to roughen a larger area than the patch as you may damage the pattern on the liner which will make the patch more obvious.

4. Mark the repair area on the liner to match the size of the patch with a pen or fine marker.

5. Apply a thin coating of adhesive (suitable for PVC) to the patch and a thin coating of adhesive to the liner repair area. Allow the adhesive to “touch dry” so you can touch it with your finger nail and it does not stick. Quickly press the patch against the liner and work out any air bubbles with a roller of some type, then keep pressure on the patch according to the adhesive instructions. Allow the patch to cure then re-fill the pool.