How to select the right replacement pool liner

If this is your first time choosing a replacement pool liner, here are a few steps to help you pick the right one.

1.What shape is your pool? Oval and round are the most common shapes (which is why we stock them), but there are many other shapes out there, such as figure 8’s, kidney and tear-drops.

2. Measure your pool. Unless you have all the original paperwork that went with the pool, you will need to measure it. (And even then it is not a bad idea to measure it anyway!). Just run a tape measure over the longest and widest points, plus the wall height. Measure from inside the pool wall, at the waterline –do not include the pool coping.

3. Floor. Does your pool have a flat bottom, or a deep end? At present, we only stock flat bottom pools, but please let us know if you need a deep end – we may consider introducing some if there is a demand for them.

4. Steps or Benches. Some pool models have inbuilt bench seats and steps, so these would need to be built into a replacement liner. We do not currently stock any liners with steps or benches, but it is something we will consider for the future if the demand is there.

5. Brand of pool. While our liners are designed to fit most pool brands,  it is good know which brand you have when replacing the liner.  If you are unsure, you might be able to find some clues on the top rail – capping styles or logos can help.

6. Durability. The UV stability and vinyl thickness (or gauge) are the two major factors in the durability of a liner.  The most common pool liner gauge sold in Australia is 0.50mm.  You should also ensure you buy a liner which is made for Australian conditions, as it will have been tested for its resilience to the sun,  chemicals and fade.

7. Colours. A few years ago, every above ground pool was light blue, but this is no longer the case. We currently stock light and dark blue, plus a few fun ‘Aquaruium’ print liners, but if you want something completely different, you can certainly get it.  Google ‘custom made above ground pool liners’ and you’ll find a few manufacturers who make to order.

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