Is it possible to patch a pool liner when the water is still in it?

If it’s just a tiny hole, you might want to try our quick and easy ‘Peel & Patch’ repair kit.   However, if your leak is more substantial, you will have to patch it properly.  It’s always best to patch a liner when the pool surface is clean and dry, however, draining and ‘dry repairing’ your liner is a much bigger job than a ‘wet’ repair, so it’s certainly worth giving the ‘wet’ repair a go first.

1. Make sure the patch is prepared –  clean the material with metholated spirits or other suitable PVC cleaning solvent. If you don’t have a patch from when the liner was first installed, you should be able to buy one from your pool shop.

2. The patch should be trimmed with rounded corners then roughened gently with some “wet & dry” abrasive cloth to give the adhesive something to bond to.

3. Clean and roughen the surface area of the liner to be patched as well. Be careful not to roughen a larger area than the patch as you may damage the pattern on the liner which will make the patch more obvious.

4. Apply a thick coating of adhesive (suitable for PVC) to the patch only and then quickly press the patch against the liner and keep pressure on it according to the adhesive instructions. Pressure is normally required for a couple of minutes so it is a good idea to hold the patch in place with the heel of your foot if possible.

When patching underwater, the repair may need to be done more than once to get a good bond.

Sometimes the adhesive has already set before it makes contact with the liner and the patch will need to be re-cut and glued for another attempt. Underwater patches may only last a couple of years, but you can re-patch them at any time. Each swimming season, check that the patch is secure when you first swim in the pool.

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