7 Steps to Choosing the Right Pool Liner

If you’re looking at replacing your existing above-ground pool liner, save yourself the heartache of making a poor choice, by following this checklist, in 7 easy steps…

1. Know the shape of your pool. While oval and circular pools are the most common, there are many other styles on the market, such as twinlake (or figure 8), kidney, teardrop etc.

2. Measure your pool. Don’t rely on the model number on the warranty card (although this may help too), run a tape measure over the longest and widest points, plus the wall height, to double-check.  Measurements are taken from inside the pool wall, at the waterline, and do not include the pool coping/toprail.  See our ‘How to Measure’ guide for details…

3. Floor shape. Majority of above ground pools are the same depth all the way through.  It is important to know if yours is flat like this, or if it has a deep end.

4. Steps & Benches. Some pool models have inbuilt bench seats and steps.  It is critical to your correct liner selection that you know whether your pool has steps or a bench which are covered by the liner.

5. Brand of pool. There are many different pool brands sold in Australia, and each is slightly different in sizing.  Our liners are designed to fit the majority of pool brands, but it pays to know which brand yours is, when replacing the liner.  If you are unsure, top rail and capping styles or logos can give an indication.

6. Durability. Key factors contribute to a pool liner’s durability.  These are primarily UV stability and vinyl thickness or gauge.  The most common pool liner gauge sold in Australia is 0.50mm.  It is also smart to choose a liner which is made for our harsh Australian conditions, as it will have been tested for its resilience to the sun, sanitising chemicals and colour fade.

7. Colour selection. The most popular choice for above ground pool liners is either light blue or dark blue, but there are other optional colours and patterns available on the market, at a premium price.

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