How to Measure Your Pool

What size liner?

Before you order, you need to be sure of the exact size and shape of your pool. If you are not confident in your measurements, it’s a good idea to send us a message before you order and check. It is often helpful if you can tell us the brand of pool.

Measurements are always taken from inside the pool wall, not outside.

Oval Pools If your pool is oval, you need 3 measurements -1. the pool length, 2. pool width at its widest point and 3. pool depth (measured from the bottom of the pool wall to the top of the pool wall, just under the top rail – don’t include the overlap).

Circular Pools Check the diameter of the pool in a couple of different places, to confirm the exact size, then use the diameter (across the pool), and the depth. (As per an oval pool, depth is taken from the bottom of the pool wall (where the wall meets the floor), to just under the top rail).

How to measure Length & Width

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