Why buy an above ground pool?

These days, above ground pools come in many sizes and shapes, and there is a style to suit most backyards and budgets. Due to more efficient manufacturing processes and competing brands, above ground pools are also more affordable than ever before. Prices start at around $1500 for a good quality above ground pool (but you can easily spend upwards of $10,000 if money is no object)!

You can fit an above ground pool in pretty much anywhere. There are a host of standard shapes like round, oval, keyhole and rectangular, but you can also have one custom made too. A current trend we are seeing now as backyards get smaller and we utilise awkward blocks (such as steep slopes) is above ground lap pools.

If you are an experienced ‘Do it yourself’ person, you can even undertake a DIY installation yourself – and with time and effort, you can obtain a beautiful result. You don’t need to just put the pool up in the middle of yard – you can blend an above ground pool into your garden beautifully – many people install them in the ground to give the appearance of an inground pool.  You can also partially dig them in, (great on steep slopes) or enclose with decking and such. There are many ways to blend an above ground pool in with the rest of your landscaping –  have a look around and you will be amazed at how above ground pools have ‘grown up’ over the years.



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